Where did you first become acquainted with Soup At Six ? If you had the opportunity to enjoy a hot, steaming bowl of one of our delicious soups in one of our 5 unique restaurants, you discovered original homemade goodness that sells.

And those three words explain what we're all about.

Soup At Six offers an alternative to routine fast-food restaurants. Delicious soups and fresh, homemade bread, a variety of sandwiches, salad plates, drinks and desserts are served daily. The menu changes everyday, but there are always seven homemade soups (selected from over 150 recipes) and chili from which to choose. All our soups are heart-healthy and nourishing, made from fresh, natural ingredients.

The reasonably priced menu is chalked on a a blackboard since it changes not only daily, but during the day if a certain soup is more popular then we planned. Although only eight items are offered, the cook prepares nine to twelve different kinds every day.

Each restaurant is operated as a rapid-moving cafeteria and our servers are always ready to recite the ingredients of any of our unique soups, such as Gratin Savoyard (cream cheese, yogurt, spinach and leeks), before ordering. Customers enjoy our soups in a warm, homey environment.

Once you love the soup, the homey atmosphere of The Soup Kitchen, and the original concept, you'll want to find out more - if you're an entrepreneur interested in becoming a part of what is proving to be one of the most successful budding new restaurant concepts.

And what does Entrepreneur magazine have to say about one of Americas hottest restaurant concepts? In a previous article, they recall a Seinfeld episode featuring a soup vendor who served up caustic curses with his cups of steamy soup. His product was so desired by customers that they endured the Soup Nazi for their portion of ambrosia. According to the magazine, that show was a major impetus for the expansion of the soup restaurant market. It was instant, free publicity, broadcast nationwide, that called attention to the soup restaurant concept, and added to its success.

Entrepreneur points out, appropriately, that entrepreneurs interested in getting into the market had better hustle while it's still young. But because it's still young, it's difficult to research industry failure rates, costs of doing business, and other vital statistics.

And that's what we want to talk to you about. Five very prosperous owners of The Soup Kitchen locations just may convince you to join The Soup Kitchen family and grow with us. We'll share with you the market and product research, operating experience, and bottom-line management that has led to our success. One thing research will tell you: The Soup Kitchen concept is ready to explode in the United States. It's original, it's homemade, and it's good.

The franchising route could provide a tasty alternative for entrepreneurs who can't find investors to fund the high cost of opening company-owned soup restaurants. . .the costs of operating a (company-owned) single soup restaurant can boil up to nearly $300,000, says Entrepreneur writers.

That's why our franchise agreement can make it very attractive for you to join our family. And, according to the magazine, one owner's five eateries are expected to hit the $7 million mark, and another owner projects its four restaurants should gross between $500,000 and $1 million each.

Yes, quickly. Because The Soup Kitchen, established in 1980, is now one of a growing number of soup kitchen chains. What Bob and Jean Bardorf began, we want to see grow into a national dining tradition.

Is This Right For Me?

That's a good question, and only you can decide. But here's what we've learned in 25 years in the soup restaurant business.

According to our research and experience, The Soup Kitchen owners are most successful as owner/operators. If you're a hands on person, you will have the greatest satisfaction watching your business grow.

Are you old enough, young enough? It really doesn't matter. Some of The Soup Kitchen owners and applicants are professionals who were well into their careers when they were downsized. Armed with the means to invest and the motivation to grow something new and exciting, they've found a fascinating career that's warmer, heartier, and far more tempting than the corporate rat race.

The youngest of The Soup Kitchen owners and applicants are starting their very first venture with The Soup Kitchen franchise operation. Their first steps into a lucrative career are in their own business, one where they not only meet some very interesting people - our customers - but have the thrill of seeing those customers satisfied gastronomically - and returning again and again.

Do you like working early and late? Because all of our recipes include fresh, all natural ingredients - no packaged mixes - you and your cook will spend time chopping, preparing and cooking the most delicious soups in your market. Fresh sandwiches and salads daily. Hot bread in several different flavors. If the smell of good wholesome cooking appeals to you, if you enjoy getting involved in the making of it, you're halfway there.

As exciting as it is to see customers filling your restaurant to enjoy your product, it is far more gratifying seeing your bottom line grow. And that's the final test of The Soup Kitchen franchise.

Yes, you can sell soup. The original homemade goodness is just waiting for the people in your area to enjoy. And we'll show you how. The concept, the ingredients, the techniques and the support will all assure that satisfies your appetite for success.

Okay. Now you can sample the rest of our delicious, homemade, hearty and wholesome website.